HP to cut 9,000 jobs worldwide

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard (HP) has declared that it has been planning to expend its business by $1bilion and get rid off 9,000 jobs in next couple of years. HP has created its commercial data centers. They are fully automated and don’t need employees to operate it.

Hewlett-Packard Aims To Automate Centers at $1B, Gears to Slash 9,000 Jobs

Hewlett-Packard Aims To Automate Centers at $1B, Gears to Slash 9,000 Jobs

In the aim to automate the data centers, Hewlett-Packard Co. is all set to shell out $1 billion. Further other operational changes in its IT services business combined with the automation would result in the slashing of 9,000 jobs over several years.

Reports claim that the world's largest personal-computer maker is looking forward to acquire a $1 billion charge that would be spread over a multiyear period.

The Company anticipates that the restructuring would produce the same amount in the annual savings or about $500 million to $700 million in the net savings after reinvestment.

Hon Hai Group opens facility for HP, Apple inquest

Hon Hai Group opens facility for HP, Apple inquest

The Taiwanese firm, Hon Hai Group that counts Apple and Hewlett-Packard among its clients has opened its Longhua plant in Shenzhen to media persons to check the working conditions of the workers. The move has come after the American companies launched probes into the number of worker suicides working for the Taiwanese firm.

The founder and chairman of Hon Hai Mr. Terry Gou took journalists on five busses to the plant. This shows the amount of pressure the company is facing due to suicides of its workers.

AIO Range of PCs Introduced by HP

Hewlett-PackardHewlett Packard, one of the world's top ranked computer manufacturers, introduced to the Indian market its latest range of All-in-One touch smart PCs on Friday, making the PC market competition even more fierce. Recently reported figures for last year revealed that computer sales across the country had a hit new high, and HP emerged as the most preferred brand among consumers. The company is now making the most of this position and hoping to lure more customers.

HP signs 10-yr outsourcing agreement with Godrej

Godrej Industries and Godrej Consumer Products have inked a 10-year outsourcing pact with Hewlett Packard (HP). 

According to the source, the agreement will include application development and maintenance, infrastructure management and transformational initiatives. 

As part of the contract, HP will also acquire the staff working in the IT operations of the two companies.

According to the reports, the IT management faculty will be retained by Godrej, while the IT operations staff will move to Hewlett Packard. 

Indian Market Welcomes The Latest Series Of HP Compaq Notebooks

The Indian market, which currently is flourishing with new technological equipments, will see the arrival of latest trendy and stylishly designed Compaq notebooks by Hewlett-Packard. 

This new exclusive range will support exciting multimedia features which include backlit keyboard, finger print reader and HDMI 1.3 along with a built in TV tuner card, Blue ray drive and an infra red remote control.