Dabur Pharma

Dabur Pharma gets USFDA approval for selling ‘Mitoxantrone HCL’

Dabur Pharma Ltd's oncology unit has informed that the company has received the approval from US Food and Drug Administrator (USFDA) for selling 'Mitoxantrone Hydrochloride in various strengths’.

Dabur Pharma Ltd operates in Europe and other overseas markets through its fully-owned subsidiary, Dabur Oncology Plc.

Dabur Pharma gets nod; launches Irinotecan HCL injection in US

Dabur Pharma on Friday announced the approval and launch of Irinotecan Hydrochloride Injection in the US, used mainly in treating rectum cancer.

The company is vertically integrated in the product line and is already one of the largest producers of Irinotecan API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) in the world.

Irinotecan Injection is the generic version of Pfizer's Camptosar and is indicated as a component of first line therapy for patients with metastatic carcinoma (a form of cancer) of the colon or rectum. The drug is used in combination with 5- fluorouracil and leucovorin.