BenQ launches new V2420 LCD Monitor

BenQ launches new V2420 LCD Monitor

BenQ has launched its new LCD Monitor called V2420H in the Indian market. The new LED backlit is designed with style and its appearance is sleek and classy.

The monitor is curved on all sides with no sharp edges and has black gloss. The company logo is embossed on bottom panel. There is a touch sensitive power button that lights up in green. The VGA, HDMI 1.3 and DVi-D in, and the AC adapter input are provided neatly on the back of the monitor.

BenQ launches World's slimmest LED monitors in India

BenQ launches World's slimmest LED monitors in India

BenQ announced the launch of three new LED monitors in its V-series on Thursday which are claimed to be the slimmest in the world.

The tree new models launched named BenQ V2220, V2420 and V920 have glossy black finishing and are 14mm to 15mm slim. BenQ claims that the V series is more energy efficient and consumes 44 per cent less energy than other monitors.

BenQ V2400W: The Slimmest 24-inch LCD Monitor

The most recent LCD monitor to arrive in the market is the BenQ V2400W, which is also the slimmest 24-inchers in the market these days. Its design is also very stylish. The new monitor has 24-inch WUXGA panel, and at the same time supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Thus it also supports FullHD viseo content.

BenQ Launches Full HD 21.5-Inch LCD Monitor In Indian Market

Taiwan’s major seller and marketeer of consumer electronics, computing and communication products, BenQ has rolled out world's first 21.5 inch full high density technology widescreen LCD monitor in India.

Named E2200HD, the monitor comes packed with 'advanced motion accelerator' technology that renders true-to-life images, Senseye + photo technology that displays better picture on the LCD screen.

Along with some other goodies, the monitor also has full HD technology contents form console games.