Alembic demerges its pharmaceutical business

Leading Pharmaceutical Company of the country Alembic has decided to re-organize its business structure. It has announced that it will demerge its core pharmaceutical business.

It has formed Alembic Pharma Ltd. which is a100 per cent subsidiary company of Alembic. Alembic has decided to demerge its pharmaceutical business in to this subsidiary company. The board of directors has already approved the scheme of arrangement. It has been decided at the board meeting held on Tuesday.

Alembic's main pharma line goes into separate firm

Alembic's main pharma line goes into separate firm

Alembic Limited, India’s oldest pharmaceutical company which has its head quarters in Vadodara, is separating its main pharmaceutical business into a separate subsidiary company, Alembic Pharma Ltd (APL), for unlocking the value of its branded formulation business and separating it from risks associated with the conventional pharma businesses.