Sony, Microsoft announce dates & times for E3 press conference

Sony, Microsoft announce dates & times for E3 press conference

Japan-based entertainment giant Sony and software colossal Microsoft have confirmed the dates and times of their individual press conferences for the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Microsoft will hold a press conference on 4th of June at 10am PST, ahead of this year's E3 event, which will run for three days starting 7th of June.

Sony's press conference will take place at 6pm PST on the same date ahead of the three-day event.

Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to make major announcements relating to their respective hardware and software; however, both companies have already made it clear that they would make any announcement about their new-generation games consoles during the event.

E3 is the platform for publishers to make announcements about their new and upcoming products.

While Sony is expected to talk about its PS Vita titles, global sales of PS3 and PS Vita, as well as upcoming PS3-exclusives such as The Last of Us by Uncharted developer Naughty Dog; Microsoft may boast of strong sales of its Xbox 360 console, titles like Halo 4, and its forthcoming Kinect titles.

This year’s three-day E3 event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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