Samsung surpasses Nokia in featurephones in Europe

Samsung surpasses Nokia in featurephones in Europe

South Korean electronics giant, Samsung has surpassed Nokia in the featurephones segment in Europe during the first quarter. The company was able to sell 12.2 million units in the segment against 9.1 million of Nokia.

Nokia remains ahead in the Smartphone market and Samsung is trying to catch up in the segment. The company is aiming to increase its market share from 5 percent to 15 percent by the end of this year. Nokia sold more than 4.9 million smartphones ahead of other manufacturers like Apple, RIM, and HTC.

Samsung is expected to report an operating profit of $4 billion in the second quarter however the company intends to have a strong foothold in the smartphone market in Europe. Its market position in Europe will help the company strengthen its position in other regions around the world.

The company’s new Galaxy S is expected to expand the company’s share in the Smartphone market. The android based Galaxy S service however needs improvements in the software front if it aims to compete with the likes of Nokia, according to experts.

Samsung has been in the smartphone market from a long time and offers a wide range of devices built for nearly all the platform in the market. The company has now developed its own platform named, 'bada'. Bada is not meant for competing with already established platforms but bring touchscreen feature to the masses and thus the platform will feature on cheaper devices, according to Samsung.

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