Samsung launches new memory cards for high end devices

Samsung-memory-cardsSamsung has announced the launched new range of premium memory cards in UK. The company has signed contract with Kondor for the distribution of the memory cards.

With the launch of these memory cards, Samsung has bolstered its well-recognized headship in the digital memory card space. The new premium memory cards have been designed to match quickly developing, high-end premium devices such as smart phones and high-performance digital still cameras.

The cards are featured to be water-resistant, shock-resistant and are also resistant to the damage caused by magnetic interference. Samsung has claimed that the cards can retain data for up to 10 years without needing a refresh. The data recovery software of the cards is expected to be three times faster than the conventional methods.

Samsung's latest Plus memory cards have got Secure Digital class 6 ratings for the performance, which have been launched in SD, microSD and Compact Flash (CF) formats with the storage capacities of 4GB and 8GB, and with a 16GB density for an SD Plus card. Most of the premium Plus memory cards can read the data at a speed of
17MB/s. However, the Compact Flash cards provide a data reading speed of up to 45MB/s.

Presently, Samsung has made the memory cards available only in France, Germany and UK. Samsung has planned to very soon launch these memory cards in few other countries as well.

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