People still wait for AI crash investigation report

People still wait for AI crash investigation report

The Air India Express flight IX 812 crashed at Mangalore airport a month ago killing 158 passengers and crew members and people are still waiting for the report of the investigations that began soon after the crash.

The authorities, particularly the Union Civil Aviation Ministry and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) were expected to release a preliminary investigation report however nothing has been released to the media as yet.

Investigators are of the opinion that crash was due to pilots landing too far down a hilltop runway and trying to get the plane airborne again however it was too late by then. The preliminary conclusion emerged were failures by the pilots to follow basic safety rules during the final approach added with cockpit confusion after touchdown.

The Boeing 737 plummeted down a cliff at the end of the strip, broke apart and then caught fire. The crash was the worst aviation disaster for the country in more than a decade.

"A lot of new and revised safety proposals...will be disclosed next month," said an DGCA Official. The DGCA is only maintaining that "the possibility of pilot error" on the flight "cannot be ruled out."

The investigation report could be announced by the end of the month. A spokesmen for the civil aviation ministry said Friday that "the probe will be completed end of this month and report will be out July 1."

Meanwhile, the DGCA and the civil ministry have designed more strict rules for pilot training programes in the country so that pilots are trained and assigned so they fully understand the particular handling characteristics of the aircraft model. The government is also planning to extend the Mangalore Airport runway.

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