Organised sector creates 16 lakh jobs in 2011: Survey

Organised sector creates 16 lakh jobs in 2011: Survey

Year 2010 has shown an extraordinary performance in improving hiring of the employees. And similarly, it is expected that in 2011, more recovery will be seen in hiring. It is forecasted that organized sector will create around 16 lakh jobs in 2011.

As per Ma Foi Randstad Employment Trends Survey (MEtS), service sector will account for 80% of the total hiring.

Previously in 2010, it has been forecasted by MEtS that 10 lakh jobs will be created but there were 11, 31,643 jobs which were created during the year, including healthcare (2,54,655), hospitality (1,60,300) and real estate (1,29,312) sectors.

Ma Foi Randstad Employment Trends Survey (MEtS) has conducted a survey of 650 companies across 13 industry sectors in eight major cities and found that employers of the industries are optimistic with hiring plans for 2011 also.

The top employment provider of the country in 2010 is the healthcare sector, which contributes more than 16% of the total estimated employment generations with 2, 54,655 jobs. The Survey confirmed that in 2011 also healthcare sector will top the list again by generating 2, 48,500 new jobs and it is estimated that it will register a growth rate of 7.4%. Healthcare sector is followed by manufacturing sector, which is expected to create 2, 23,400 new jobs in 2011 and grow at a rate of 5%.

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