June quarter to bring 3.5 lakh hiring jobs

June quarter to bring 3.5 lakh hiring jobs

A survey conducted by HR service provider Ma Foi Randsted brought about smiles to a lot of individuals who are looking for jobs. The survey conducted showed that the Indian firms are to hire at least 3.5 lakh people in the quarter that ends on the 30th of June. This study shows that the economy is undergoing some positive changes and is on the fast track to recovery.

The healthcare sector tops the list of hiring of 96,248 employees. Following the healthcare sector is the real estate sector and the construction sector holding 52,115 openings for employees. The hospitality sector holds 49,000 openings for the quarter.

The equipment and machinery manufacturing sectors hold 5,300 openings, and trade, retail and services hold 5000 jobs. The survey was taken across 13 sectors covering 650 companies.

The Chief Executive of Ma Foi, K. Pandia Rajan said “The pace of job creation in India, in fact, is little faster than what we envisaged in our study. So, the positive sentiment of the organized sector should expand to the unorganized sector as well. High performance of economy has encouraged sector players to recruit new employees; the recruitment process will spread over the entire year in a planned manner rather than it happening at any particular point of time in an aggressive manner.”

This organized sector in India holds for about 9% of all jobs. The public sector, the private sector and the government sector add to 1/3rd of the jobs of the organized sector.

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