Hollywood Studios warm to Apple's iCloud effort

Hollywood Studios warm to Apple's iCloud effort

In a last week announcement, Apple said that five leading Hollywood studios had shown keen interest in participating in the company's new iCloud feature which gives users the ability to store TV shows as well as films on the Apple servers.

Among the studios which Apple said had agreed to allow consumers to purchase their movies on one Apple device and watch them on another, include Sony's Sony Pictures; Walt Disney; Viacom's Paramount Pictures; Time Warner's Warner Bros; and with Lions Gate Entertainment.

In addition, according to an AllThingsD report, two other bigwig studios which are also reportedly warming to Apple's iCloud effort include Fox and NBC Universal; both of which currently have exclusive licenses in place with Time Warner's HBO.

Under the agreement with the mentioned Hollywood studios, Apple will be offering - as a part of its online iCloud service - the option of watching movies on a number of its devices, including the iPad and Mac. Already, record labels and TV studios had voiced their consent for participation in iCloud endeavor which Apple unveiled towards the end of 2011.

Showing off a wide array of viewing options which will be available on multiple Apple devices compatible with iCloud, Apple executive Eddy Cue said during the company's Wednesday event - at which a new version of Apple TV set-top box was also announced - that Apple would give the consumers the opportunity to watch movies purchased by them "at any time with no additional cost."

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