Govt. disbands aircraft acquisition committee

Govt. disbands aircraft acquisition committee

Both schedule and non-schedule airlines as well as flying institutes can now import aircrafts as per their business requirements without seeking any permission from the civil aviation ministry, as the government has disbanded the aircraft acquisition committee (AAC) that had previously been scrutinizing every purchase.

Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said that the ACC was disbanded to free aircraft purchases from bureaucratic red tape.

Announcing the decision, the ministry said, "I have decided to cut the bureaucratic red tape surrounding aircraft acquisition that only used to cause delays."

He added that there was no need for seeking government permission for buying a plane because no airline would import a plane if it did' feel the need to do so. He stressed that all planes were checked by the directorate general of civil aviation for their airworthiness and safety.

The minister also said that the decision was a part of the government's attempts to liberalize the market and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles on the way.

The decision followed a number of complains for several civil aviation companies that the AAC had been causing undue delays to their plans to expand their fleet.

Now, airlines will only require initial no-objection certificate (NOC) from civil aviation regular DGCA and an in-principle endorsement to import aircrafts.

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