Google slashes prices for Google Drive

Google slashes prices for Google Drive

Internet giant, Google has said that it is lowering the prices of its plans for storage for the customers making it more affordable for the customers. The move will undercut all of its competitors in the market.

The company said that it will lower prices of its 100 GB, 1 TB and 10 TB plans to $1.99, $9.99 and $99.99 respectively. Following the price cut, Google is now offering 10 times more storage for the same price as rival Dropbox.

Google's storage service, Google Drive is now a lot more affordable. The service currently provides 15 GB for free. The service has emerged as the most affordable well-known storage option on the internet. Dropbox and Box forces users to choose business plans if they want more than 100 GB and this requires a specific number of users.

Dropbox requires five users at $15 a pop for 1000+ GB, costing $75 per month while Box requires three users at $15 each for a total of $45 a month. Box also has a limit of 5GB for files restricting users from saving large high quality videos.

Lower prices will largely under rivals in the market and will allow Google to expand its lead in the market.

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