Google’s much-rumored tablet delayed: report

Google’s much-rumored tablet delayed: report

Google’s much-rumored 7-inch tablet will not be launched until at least July this year, sources close to the Mountain View, California-based firm’s tablet team revealed.

Citing anonymous sources, The Verge reported that Google postpones the launch of its tablet to get more time to find ways to cut costs and drag the tablet’s price down so that it could compete with budget tablets such as the Kindle Fire.

In March, DigiTimes reported that Google had plans to sell a 7-inch tablet with a price tag of around $249. But that price tag is not competitive as the Kindle Fire, which is selling several million units per quarter, costs just $199.

It means Google’s potential tablet will cost around $50 more than the Kindle Fire, which could discourage budget-conscious buyers.

Various reports suggest that the Google tablet will be a Wi-Fi-only tablet that will feature a 7-inch display and a Tegra 3 quad-core chip. But to drag the tablet’s price tag down, Google may ditch the Tegra 3 processor and equip the tablet with a dual-core processor. It may also trim the tablet’s screen quality.

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