Former Fed Reserve chief Bernanke earns at least $250,000 in just 40 minutes

Former Fed Reserve chief Bernanke earns at least $250,000 in just 40 minutes

Ben Bernanke reportedly earned more in just 40 minutes for delivering a speech on Tuesday than he earned in one full year as head of the U. S. Federal Reserve.

Mr. Bernanke, who stepped down form the top job at the central bank in January this year, received at least $250,000 for a public speaking engagement in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, sources familiar with the matter revealed.

That is a huge amount in comparison to his 2013 paycheck of $199,700. He is reportedly scheduled to engage in two more public speaking events around the world this week.

One speaking-circuit agent said on the condition of anonymity that the paycheck Bernanke received for his 40 minute speech sounded reasonable. He added that the former U. S. Fed chief could have a 'very long shelf life'.

Jan Baran, a partner and head of the election law & government ethics group at Washington-based law firm Wiley Rein LLP, said, "He will obviously be enjoying the fruits of the free market."

While the heavy fee launches sixty-year-old Bernanke into the top-most echelons of most sought after speakers, it leaves him well short of former U. S. President Bill Clinton who has reportedly earned two to three times than Mr. Bernanke for some appearances in the past few years.

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