Ford to drop Microsoft technology in favor of BlackBerry software for its Sync in-car system

According to recent reports, Ford has signed a software partnership with Canada-based device maker BlackBerry, for powering the automaker's in-car entertainment and communications systems. The move implies that Ford is planning to drop Microsoft's in-car technology in favor of BlackBerry software.

The potential switch - from Microsoft to BlackBerry - which Ford is planning as a result of its software partnership with BlackBerry was first reported in the February issue of the Hansen Report, an auto industry newsletter.

The software partnership between Ford and BlackBerry means that BlackBerry will likely take over Ford's disappointing Sync in-car voice-activated system, which connects to mobile handsets for offering the users of Ford's Sync-equipped vehicles to access music and other digital services.

Going by the information shared by two unidentified sources aware of Ford's plans, the Ford-BlackBerry partnership means that Ford will use BlackBerry's QNX software for its Sync in-car system, instead of the embedded version of Microsoft's Windows operating system.

However, though Ford will drop Microsoft from its car systems, the automaker will apparently continue to work with the company. Towards that end, Ford spokeswoman Susannah Wesley said in an email that Ford and Microsoft are "longtime partners, and we continue working together for the future."

In connection with the partnership with BlackBerry, Wesley said that "Ford works with a variety of partners and suppliers to develop and continuously improve our in-car connectivity systems for customers."

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