DGCA slams 4 airlines for 'blind landings' in Goa

DGCA slams 4 airlines for 'blind landings' in Goa

PAPI, the Precision Approach Path Indicator is a visual landing aid which gives guidance on the descent angle to a pilot during approach and landing. At Goa's Dabolim airport, 12 pilots violated this air-safety norm, against which action has been taken by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). On Tuesday, DGCA ordered four carriers to deroster 12 pilots for operating flights by violating air-safety norms.

The incident happened on Monday, when all the six flights operated by these carriers to Dabolin between 3 pm and 5.30 pm landed without this landing aid. It is said that all the pilots are aware that this is a compulsory landing aid and it was not operational during that time due to repairs on the runway, but still they proceed on.

All the airlines have been warned by the director general not to operate flights without the landing aid.

All the 12 pilots belong to reputed airlines like 4 belongs to Kingfisher Airlines, 4 pilots are of GoAir and 2 each of Jet Airways and Jetlite.

As per the norms prepared by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the DGCA, jet aircraft like Boeing 737s and A320s that do not have a functional PAPI should not operate from airports. In fact, PAPI only supports in landing but still aircrafts are not allow to operate take-offs without PAPI aid because sometimes a flight might need to make an emergency landing immediately after take-off.

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