Chennai-Bound Jet Airways Plane Crew Faces Trouble

Some serious procedural lapses in an emergency evacuation resulted in injuring 14 passengers in the flight 9W2302 of a Chennai-bound Jet Airways plane.

Following the lapse, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended the entire crew of 10, including two pilots, when the investigation found out that the evacuation had taken place subsequent to the false fire alarm.

When the pilot reported fire in one of the aircraft’s engines, 141 passengers, including an infant, had to be evacuated with the help of emergency tubes. The plane at that time was on the taxiway for take-off and the DGCA said that it found out that the aircraft’s crew had not adhered to the prescribed safety norms.

“The crew carried out the evacuation in accordance with standard operating procedures. The precautionary evacuation was carried out in the interest of safety of the guests and the crew”, the airlines asserted.

A stampede-like situation arose when two additional cabin crew members who at that time were travelling as passengers saw fire in the left engine of the aircraft before the plane had taken off.

A three member team will, however, go deeper into the matter as the incident was very serious, says the DGCA. A meeting too has been called for the heads of training of all the airlines so that they may evaluate the way the cabin and flight crews are trained and most importantly, about the emergency and evacuation procedures.

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