All-in-one PC launched by Lenovo

Lenovo will soon introduce its new entry into the PC market, the IdeaCentre A600, with the hope to renew all-in-one craze. It launched the product initially at CES this week, and plans to push it in the market by April this year.  

Some of the features of the IdeaCentre A600 are a 21.5-inch screen (with an 16:9 aspect ratio) with just 27mm thickness, which Lenovo claims makes it the slimmest all-in-one PC in the market.

Other than this, the users will also get several standard features of a ThinkPad on the novel A600, including recognition security, the Lenovo rescue system, Dolby-certified audio, and a nearly-edgeless display design that takes the screen almost all the way to the corners.

Furthermore, touch-sensitive controls and an "air mouse" (with additional DVD/TV/media center features) that allows for table-free control are also included in the A600. It would also be cool to know that the remote also doubles as a wireless VOIP handset for making Internet phone calls.

Both a Blu-ray device and a TV tuner are among standard features.

As of now pricing is not available but it won’t be wrong to say that A600 has got an attractive look and high end features such as up to a 1TB hard drive, 4 gigs of RAM, etc.

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