10-15 million jobs coming up for new India

10-15 million jobs coming up for new India

Job market has seen a great slump during the recession times, with not only the creation of new jobs declining but a lot of downsizing as well.

With the year ending things had got a bit better in the last 2 quarters for the Indian youth. 2011 however brings a new ray of hope with an expected king-size boom in the job market.

The economy is witnessing on e of the best growth phases after a couple of years and the job market hence is expected to grow with 10 to 15 million new jobs that are expected to hit the market next year.

A study conducted by the ASSOCHAM has revealed that India would need quality skilled labor by 2011 to counter the robust growth in the economy.

The projected new jobs in the market would be requiring 75% people well versed in vocational training for the enhancement of employability wrapper. The ASSOCHAM study further cautioned on the note that if the vocational training aspect was overlooked.

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